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Assembly & Maintenance

Every home should be smart and comfortable, with plenty of room to move around and entertain.
Our goal is to help you optimize your living space and to enhance your lifestyle.
We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative space-saving solutions for any home.
Our extensive collection of modern wall beds will help you transform your space, either to replace a bulky traditional bed or to add a guest bed or two.
Most wall beds in our store are no more than 18” deep when closed-more room for you to enjoy a morning yoga session in the comfort of your home.
Give your kids more room to play by replacing a regular bed with a compact and multifunctional wall bed.
There are solutions even for the smallest of spaces: wall bed and sofa sets allow you to have both pieces with a minimal footprint.
Matching storage cabinets, bookshelves, and other accessories will create a finished look or help to fill empty wall space.
Our new collection of modular sofas can be combined with wall beds for an ultimate space-saving combo.
Or you can build a custom freestanding sofa or sectional to fit your space and lifestyle.
All beds, cabinets, and sofas are designed for the US market and build in Europe.
Our factories have been manufacturing space saving furniture for over 30 years with a dedication to the outstanding quality of materials and craftsmanship.
We are convinced you and your family will enjoy our beds for years to come.

Designed In USA.

Built in Europe specifically for the US market.
All beds come in standard US mattress sizes.
Manufactured using the highest quality materials.
All materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.
Innovative hardware for effortless operation.
Clean modern design to suit any interior decor.

Why We Are Different

All Queen wall beds have a single front panel, only available at Multimo.
We are the only manufacturer using aluminum bed frames.
Aluminum frame is much lighter and therefore easier to lift.
All hardware and matching cabinets are produced at the same factory.
Standard US mattress sizes - standard size bedding.
Outstanding around the clock customer support for ALL our clients.
Free delivery on every order every day within the continental US. is your number one source of multifunctional, space saving furniture.

Wall Bed Place is an official dealer of Multimo Beds in New York Tri-State area as well as Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide the latest space-saving solutions to our clients, to make their living space more enjoyable for their families and guests. If you are trying to find the perfect bed for a small apartment, studio or a guest room - you are in the right place!
We carry all available styles of wall beds, convertible bunk beds, accessories and more.
All beds are designed in the US and manufactured in Europe, using the highest quality, eco-friendly materials, and the latest production technology. Equipped with innovative commercial grade gas shocks, our wall beds are easy and quiet to open and close, even for a small child.
Matching add-on cabinets, wardrobes, desks, and bookshelves can be added to any wall bed to create a finished seamless look. Beds are available in a variety of sizes and color combinations and will complement any interior.
Our prices include local delivery (New York Tri-State Area and Pennsylvania). If you have any questions about our products, please contact us at


About Us

Just bought a new piece of Multimo Beds furniture? 
Here are some tips on assembly, installation, maintenance, and after-sales service.

3rd Party Assembly Service

We are happy to offer white glove delivery and assembly services for our Miami area and Tri-state New York area, customers.

For an additional fee, our certified professional team will deliver your bed and assemble it within a couple of hours.

If you are outside our serviced areas, we will gladly locate a few handyman professionals with extensive furniture assembly experience in your location.

We use a trusted platform "" to locate furniture assembly technicians with only outstanding reviews. You will be provided 2-3 quotes to select from as well as contact information of the professional.

You may also search on your own if our selection wasn’t sufficient.

We have used Thumbtack services countless times with great success and customer satisfaction.

If you would like to request this service, check Request 3rd Party Assembly Info at checkout or email us at


Having unpacked your furniture, check that it is complete and remove all the packaging (boxes, plastic bags, polystyrene strapping, studs, clips etc). This should not be left within reach of children as it may be dangerous.

For “self-assembly” furniture, read the assembly instructions before starting. Identify the parts of your furniture. Follow the assembly sequence. Never use force when assembling parts.

In order to avoid any damage during assembly, use the appropriate tools and work on a surface covered by carpet or other protective layers in order to prevent scratches. Do not undertake any assembly other than that recommended in the instructions with your furniture.

For delicate operations, get some assistance with holding the parts in order to prevent breakage or injury. For gluing operations (drawers for example), use the glue provided and leave assembled parts to one side for one hour to allow the glue to dry.

Assembly and installation must be done in accordance with our instructions. If these are not followed, we decline any liability in the event of damage caused to people or property as a result of incorrect installation.

Installing your furniture:

Once assembled, position the furniture, ensuring it is level so that doors and drawers open and close properly; fixing it will facilitate adjustment (hinges or runners). Check the final stability of the furniture.

Where maximum loads are stated, please do not exceed these as this may lead to sub-standard performance, possible damage to the product and even collapse.

Use of any product implies compliance with certain requirements which are :

  • - Position item(s) (television, DVD player) so they can't move when moving the furniture.
  • - Carefully remove the protective films covering certain decorative items.

Where the furniture is fitted with casters :

  • - Check casters are functioning properly before you try moving them.
  • - Position loads in such a way as to not produce movement of the whole (furniture and items)
  • - Perform a test by moving the furniture; move the furniture while maintaining the loads, in order to check the stability of your product (where movement is limited, reposition the loads and repeat the test).
  • - Drawers must be closed and tables with casters folded when you move them around.
  • - To avoid damage to casters do not exceed the maximum loads (risk of furniture collapsing).

Where assembly instructions specify safety measures (markings for example), they must be complied with as if they are not we will under no circumstances be considered liable for any harm that may occur.

If you need to move your furniture, you must empty it; this will make handling easier and avoid risks of breakage or injury. This does not apply to furniture fitted with casters; emptying the furniture, in this case, is at your discretion.


  • - Do not place very hot or very cold objects near or in contact with glass surfaces.
  • - Do not strike glass with hard objects.
  • - Do not sit or stand on glass panels.
  • - Do not use abrasive substances.
  • - If stated in the assembly instructions, furniture must be fixed to the wall using fixings provided.


Before using a cleaning product, carefully dust your furniture with a clean, soft cloth (put the product onto the cloth rather than onto the furniture).

Never soak your furniture and do not leave damp items in contact with it.

Never use scouring powder or a scouring cloth, steel wool or scouring products.

Where furniture is used heavily, lubricate hinges and drawer runners.

Do not leave water in prolonged contact with the furniture (floor washing, overflow from plant watering) as water will penetrate the components, leading to damage.

Tighten screws and assemblies after they have been in use for some time (beds, tables, desks, hinges).

After sales service:

For any After Sales problem (breakage, missing parts etc), please contact your retailer directly.

In the event of a claim, please use the assembly instructions in order to give the key details to your retailer.

State :

  • - The number of the defective part (see instructions).
  • - The reference for the hardware in question (see instructions).
  • - The notice number on the bottom right of the document.